Unlike piston engined aircraft, turboprop engines do not "tick over"  when idling, the prop continues to turn at fairly high speed even when the throttle is closed. Float planes have no brakes (of course) so the prop pitch must be reduced to stop the "creeping" effect when stopped.

This tip works for all float planes and amphibians:

To stop turboprop amphibians and float planes after landing on water:
1. Press and hold F2 (reverse thrust) for a few seconds.
2. When the aircraft has stopped press F1.
3. In the 2D cockpit, pull back the propeller pitch lever ( usually yellow knob) all the way down with your mouse.
   Unless you have rudder pedals and throttle/pitch/mixture levers linked to your computer, controlling FS float planes in the water is not easy but it is possible to taxi on water with careful use of the pitch control lever or keys Ctrl-F2 & Ctrl-F3. This is a situation inherited from previous versions of FS and is not specific to our aircraft.

Pour  arrêter un turboprop  amphibie ou hydravion après amerissage:
1. Appuyer et maintenir F2  (reverse)  pendant qq secondes.
2. Quand l' appareil est arrèté appuyer F1.
3. Sur le panel 2D  ramener le levier d' helice (jaune) vers le bas avec la souris.
Sauf si vous disposez de pedales de direction ou d' un levier externe "gaz/pas d' helice/mixture",  il est difficile de controller un appareil  sur l' eau, mais il est possible te faire "taxi" en utilisant avec precaution le levier de pas d' helice ou les clavier; Ctrl-F2  et  Ctrl-F3.
Cette situation vient des versions precedentes de Flight Simulateur et n' est pas propres a nos appareils....