FOR FS2004 COF

                                    A  70 / 75 SEAT TWIN FAN JET REGIONAL AIRLINER
             FS2004 COF Bombardier / Canadair CRJ700-ER series 701, 70 Seat Regional Airliner - ver 4.5.1
             Premier Aircraft Design - - Copyright Aug 28, 2004
             FSDS ver2.24 Aircraft / Panel Design & Master Textures by Jean-Pierre Brisard
             Packaging, Documentation, Technical Advice, Flight Model, HTML Check/Ref List,
             CRJ700 Sound and Panel Design Assistance by Barry Blaisdell
             Paint & Livery Updates by Bob May
              Special Thanks to Nick Linehan, Mesa Group CRJ700 / 900 Pilot for his assistance in this project